Canmartex designs and makes large-diameter circular knitting machines, applying the following industrial values: innovation and exclusivity in new projects, together with the knowledge and experience of Jumberca brand technology for sweater series made by Canmartex. These advantages benefit the final customer with the added value of competitiveness and a prestigious brand.


What has been the main innovation?

TD7. Tubular fabric, small diameter, 3 dimensions.

What has been the demand covered or the opportunity created?

Customers were looking for new technical fabrics, especially for medical industry purposes. Canmartex detected this opportunity by listening, talking, and sharing day to day with their customers.

How was the innovation process and what return does the company invest?

The innovation process took 3 years and involved collaborating with different partners.

The company is investing between the 10-15% of their annual turnover, and all their technical team is involved in the project.

What have been the results, and how do they draw the future?

The market is satisfied with the solution that the company is offering. However, in a short time the inquiry might change and then they will have to change again.

The market is interested in CANMARTEX machinery, but more in their policy to share the know-how.

The future innovation will be a new challenge in the evolution of the industry 4.0.

At Canmartex we are members of the #PositiveIndustry initiative promoted by AMEC. We defend a solid and diversified economy, where all sectors are kept in a strong and sustainable balance. We are the Positive Industry.

We defend a solid and diversified economy, where all sectors remain in a strong and sustainable balance: landscapes of organic production, food of excellent quality, services focused on great objectives and industrial and knowledge brands that are a world reference.

We want to be part of a system that enhances the sectors that generate the most progress and that  recognizes the industry as one of the agents with the most power for social and economic transformation.

We are Positive Industry because we love what we do, we take care of the team that helps us to do it and, beyond being global companies, we act locally with the territories and societies with which we share prosperity. 

As companies, we measure ourselves by the quality of what we manufacture, but also by the social value we provide. 

We work to ensure that the world we have today looks  more and more like the place where we want to live.

Check out the 5 principles of  Positive Industry and if you feel identified, join the movement!

During the last ITMA exhibition in BARCELONA happens the reappearance of the historic JUMBERCA brand making new circular knitting machines by CANMARTEX. Based in Argentona (BARCELONA), the company designs and assembles machinery for the textile industry.

Those of us who founded Canmartex came from Jumberca, where we had different management positions“, explains Enric Martí, one of the company’s current partners, along with Josep Maria Dalmau and Vicenç Lloret. Based in Argentona (Barcelona), the company designs and assembles machinery for the textile industry.

Jumberca, the last giants of Catalan textile

The machinery manufacturer Jumberca, based in Badalona (Barcelona), became one of the largest Catalan textile companies. Founded in 1948 by the Dalmau family, the factory went public in 1988, when it had more than 600 workers. The company lived its golden age in the 1980s.

A year before making the leap to the parquet, Jumberca attended Itma with a 770 square meter stand, for which it moved fifteen circular machines, according to the edition of El País at the time. That year, the company’s exports reached 8,000 million pesetas (the equivalent today of 48.08 million euros).

However, starting in the nineties, the company began a period of falling sales, increasing losses and debts, which dragged it to court twice, until it finally faced liquidation at the turn of the century. In 1993, the company’s turnover was 11,000 million pesetas (66.11 million euros today) while in 1997 it was 4,500 million pesetas (27.5 million euros).

When Jumberca made the final closure, in 2002, it had a liability of 56.16 million euros and an asset of 34.19 million euros, according to the edition of Cinco Días that year. The company had been in suspension of payments (the old formula of the bankruptcy process) since 1998 and had a staff of 202 workers. (source:

Jumberca by Canmartex will be present at the most important textile supplier fair in Peru, which will take place on its specialized digital platform from November 16 to 21. At the event we will show our machinery and equipment for the textile industry, as well as our innovative circular knitting machines.

Our commitment to the organization of the event, as well as to Peruvian entrepreneurs in the textile sector, is evident, and we could not stop participating in this fair, which has made all possible efforts to carry it out, as stated by Luisa Mesones, director General of Expotextil Perú Digital 2020: “We join national and international efforts to actively fight against the coronavirus pandemic and, therefore, we have migrated to a digital fair to contribute to the State’s efforts to reduce infections, while continuing to provide new opportunities to both bidders and buyers”.

Last Monday, December 14, the Secretary General for Industry and SMEs, Raül Blanco, visited the companies Hallotex and Minoryx Therapeutics to see first-hand their commitment to innovation and the latest generation products.

At Hallotex, the Secretary General for Industry, accompanied by the mayor of Mataró, David Bote, and various deputies, such as Alicia Romero and Eva Menor, learned about the latest generation of textile materials for the manufacture of products such as masks.

Canmartex is the supplier of the circular textile machines that Hallotex uses in its commitment to innovation.

According our strategic R&D plan, from CANMARTEX confirm our participation in the PRECATEX project: Design and development of a new generation of circular knitting machines with quality control.

Project included within the Spanish government program for research, development and innovation, within the framework of the state plan for scientific and technical research and innovation.

CANMARTEX continues evolving the know-how and technology of JUMBERCA, the prototype of the links-links machine in gauge 18 is in its final phase. In January 2021 the new machine model and its industrial production will be presented.