According our strategic plan for digitization and industry 4.0 applications, CANMARTEX has proceeded to incorporate 3D printing technology for the manufacture of components, especially for the realization of prototypes for the R+D+i, for our models of circular knitting machines.

Which allows: fast new design test, ease of modifications, small series manufacturing, material reduction, easy recycling of invalid parts and cost optimization. It should also be noted that this application of technology contributes to the increasingly necessary and essential sustainability.

This development has been possible thanks to the support of:

Full electronic circular knitting machine with 34″ diameter, 42 feeders, with gauges from 5 to 18. Jacquard, transfer and stich control in each for dial and cylinder, 4 colour stripers, take down and possibility to produce garment lengths with rib border.

The product obtained is of excellent quality!

Download SM-1 brochure (PDF) knitting machines page.

Canmartex designs and manufactures its circular knitting machines worldwide and carries out unique projects for its clients. Thanks to technological innovation, the company creates innovative fabrics that can offer to their clients.

Canmartex is currently working with Eurecat on several Industry 4.0. One of them, the Precatex project, is focused on predictive quality control of the fabric. This system allows saving water, colourants, gas, electricity, and raw materials.

New machine gg18 to knit diferent type of rib in the same fabric (horitzontal and / or vertical) using the links-links technology.


At Jumberca – Canmartex we always bet on innovation in the textile sector. Jumberca’s new links-links units achieve a spectacular result in the final finish.

In 1966 Jumberca presented its links-links machine at the Knitting Arts Exhibition (KAE) in Atlantic City (New Jersey). It was an innovative machine that was ahead of its time, and that put the already prestigious Spanish brand at the forefront of the sector.

Jumberca 1966 KAE Atlantic City

55 years later, Canmartex presents the new Jumberca links-links, capable of offering the textile industry the possibility of tripling the production of fabrics, an advance within the reach of very few.

Jumberca links-links

Jumberca links-links

If you want to apply the information of our new circular knitting machines, please contact us. Jumberca has returned and has done it to stay.

Only a few companies have managed to successfully build a double cylinder circular knitting machine to manufacture links-links fabrics, only with work and know-how have they achieved a perfect plating.

Jumberca did.


CANMARTEX, now also, developing and updating JUMBERCA technology, we have managed to do it in 18 gauge and tripling production.

Before delivering the orders that our demanding clients demand of us, we prepare the machines in our facilities meticulously, following the CANMARTEX quality standards, until obtaining an unbeatable result.

Only then is when we know that our circular knitting machines are ready to ship to their destination.

The fabrics called plating are those fabrics that are obtained by feeding the needles simultaneously with two threads of different type or color, so that one of them comes out on the right side of the fabric and the other on the reverse side of the fabric.


At CANMARTEX we are specialists in the manufacture of circular knitting machines for knitwear.

We manufacture single and double front, mechanical and electronic equipment … and now we also manufacture link-link type machines.

Canmartex y Jumberca returns to Pakistan with Shoki Enterprises & Shoki Textile Sourcing. Shoki Enterprises is a Pakistan based Company deals in Textile Machines & Chemicals.


It is a pleasure for Canmartex to have Shoki Enterprises as its official agent in Pakistan. At Canmartex we are very careful with our partners, and without a doubt Shoki Enterprises is the best option to grow in Central and South Asia.

FUSH, as both clothing and fabrics manufacturer has the advantage of not relying on a 3rd party for fabrics. And having 8 circular knitting machines, we are capable of knitting differently-patterned fabrics for large batches of orders.

Milovan Ristić tending to a Canmartex circular knitting machine.

The ability to knit our own fabrics brought about a fantastic cooperation with a local running community: BRC (Belgrade Running Club). FUSH helping them build their own running wear clothing line from scratch. And the brand-building involved a lot of testing with different knitting patterns.

Belgrade Running Club (BRC) is a running community 300 strong.

All of this is not possible unless a manufacturer does not have its own weaving machinery. Canmartex circular knitting machines are the perfect partner.

Canmartex designs and makes large-diameter circular knitting machines, applying the following industrial values: innovation and exclusivity in new projects, together with the knowledge and experience of Jumberca brand technology for sweater series made by Canmartex. These advantages benefit the final customer with the added value of competitiveness and a prestigious brand.

What has been the main innovation?

TD7. Tubular fabric, small diameter, 3 dimensions.

What has been the demand covered or the opportunity created?

Customers were looking for new technical fabrics, especially for medical industry purposes. Canmartex detected this opportunity by listening, talking, and sharing day to day with their customers.

How was the innovation process and what return does the company invest?

The innovation process took 3 years and involved collaborating with different partners.

The company is investing between the 10-15% of their annual turnover, and all their technical team is involved in the project.

What have been the results, and how do they draw the future?

The market is satisfied with the solution that the company is offering. However, in a short time the inquiry might change and then they will have to change again.

The market is interested in CANMARTEX machinery, but more in their policy to share the know-how.

The future innovation will be a new challenge in the evolution of the industry 4.0.

At Canmartex we are members of the #PositiveIndustry initiative promoted by AMEC. We defend a solid and diversified economy, where all sectors are kept in a strong and sustainable balance. We are the Positive Industry.

We defend a solid and diversified economy, where all sectors remain in a strong and sustainable balance: landscapes of organic production, food of excellent quality, services focused on great objectives and industrial and knowledge brands that are a world reference.

We want to be part of a system that enhances the sectors that generate the most progress and that  recognizes the industry as one of the agents with the most power for social and economic transformation.

We are Positive Industry because we love what we do, we take care of the team that helps us to do it and, beyond being global companies, we act locally with the territories and societies with which we share prosperity. 

As companies, we measure ourselves by the quality of what we manufacture, but also by the social value we provide. 

We work to ensure that the world we have today looks  more and more like the place where we want to live.

Check out the 5 principles of  Positive Industry and if you feel identified, join the movement!