Canmartex designs and makes large-diameter circular knitting machines, applying the following industrial values: innovation and exclusivity in new projects, together with the knowledge and experience of Jumberca brand technology for sweater series made by Canmartex. These advantages benefit the final customer with the added value of competitiveness and a prestigious brand.

What has been the main innovation?

TD7. Tubular fabric, small diameter, 3 dimensions.

What has been the demand covered or the opportunity created?

Customers were looking for new technical fabrics, especially for medical industry purposes. Canmartex detected this opportunity by listening, talking, and sharing day to day with their customers.

How was the innovation process and what return does the company invest?

The innovation process took 3 years and involved collaborating with different partners.

The company is investing between the 10-15% of their annual turnover, and all their technical team is involved in the project.

What have been the results, and how do they draw the future?

The market is satisfied with the solution that the company is offering. However, in a short time the inquiry might change and then they will have to change again.

The market is interested in CANMARTEX machinery, but more in their policy to share the know-how.

The future innovation will be a new challenge in the evolution of the industry 4.0.