Only a few companies have managed to successfully build a double cylinder circular knitting machine to manufacture links-links fabrics, only with work and know-how have they achieved a perfect plating.

Jumberca did.


CANMARTEX, now also, developing and updating JUMBERCA technology, we have managed to do it in 18 gauge and tripling production.

Before delivering the orders that our demanding clients demand of us, we prepare the machines in our facilities meticulously, following the CANMARTEX quality standards, until obtaining an unbeatable result.

Only then is when we know that our circular knitting machines are ready to ship to their destination.

The fabrics called plating are those fabrics that are obtained by feeding the needles simultaneously with two threads of different type or color, so that one of them comes out on the right side of the fabric and the other on the reverse side of the fabric.


At CANMARTEX we are specialists in the manufacture of circular knitting machines for knitwear.

We manufacture single and double front, mechanical and electronic equipment … and now we also manufacture link-link type machines.